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Thermal Scanning

The MAP IR 3 mass fever screening system

The MAP IR3 is a high-sensitivity dual-thermal camera coupled with intelligent identification and tracking of feverish people. It allows for non-contact rapid temperature screening of up to 300 people per minute. It also enables the identification of people not wearing a mask. The built-in sophisticated algorithm identifies and captures images of subjects with fever and issues real-time audible alerts upon detection.

The MAP IR3 scans high traffic areas to identify and track feverish subjects. Individuals showing abnormal temperatures will trigger an alert to be sent to a centralized command center for further inspection. Through MAP IR3 facial recognition system, you can also monitor the health and attendance of employees to mitigate safety and productivity risks to the whole community.

The system can be implemented anywhere where large numbers of people pass through and where it would not be feasible to measure the temperature of all individuals separately. Some examples:

  • Airports
  • Schools
  • Nurseries
  • Hospitals
  • Government Facilities
  • Public Events
  • Public Transportation
  • Malls
  • Office Buildings
  • Stores
  • High Traffic Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Sporting Events & Concerts
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing





  • Large area detection (300 people per minute)
  • Multi-point temperature measuring
  • Cross-infection avoidance
  • Automatic alarm based on user parameters
  • Facial recognition capture
  • Temp measurement < +-0.3C accuracy
  • Continuous video recording

Proprietary Software

The MAP IR3 system comes with user-friendly proprietary software. The software provides a fully centralized station to monitor the incoming data from all of the installed cameras. Real-time video and audible alerts are routed from each of the installed cameras back to the command station providing you with full situational awareness. This system enables you to identify and track any high-risk individuals and to alert response teams to intercept and carry out appropriate measures. Some features:

  • Temperature Detection & Mask Recognition Area.
  • Screening Statistics for Non-Feverish, Feverish, and Non-Masked Individuals.
  • Real-time Alarm for Feverish & Non-Masked Individuals.
  • Thermal Imaging for Temperature Detection.
  • Storage Directory of Captured Images & Videos of Feverish & Non-Masked Individuals.
  • Alarm Management, Video Management, and Historical Data.
  • Reset Statistics.

Official distributor

Francoe Streamline is an official distributor in the UAE for the state of the art MAP IR 3 mass fever screening system. We can design, install, and maintain the system specific to your requirements. Contact us for more detailed information at +971 55 6309959 or info@francoestreamline.com