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AC servicing and Duct cleaning

You just had your AC serviced and after a couple of weeks your house is smelly again? Beware of AC servicing companies that only clean your filters and the front view of the ducts with a brush as part of their "AC Servicing"! If your ducts are not properly cleaned then within a few weeks the filters will be full with dust again. You cannot compare apples and pears: we will thoroughly clean your AC as part of our AC servicing, including the parts you do not see.! Our AC Servicing - service...

Health Risks of Dirty Air Ducts

DID YOU KNOW? A dirty A/C filter can cause the air ducts in the home to become dirty and clogged, providing the ideal environment for mold and spores to develop within the ductwork. Millions of unwanted airborne particles may be breathed inside your home. Air filters, ducts, and diffuser vents can become an overhead trap for dust, tobacco smoke, and pollen, cooking odors and pet hair and dander.  Improperly maintained air-conditioner filters and ducts can result in a build-up of allergens such as fungi, pollen, and bacteria in the air triggering: Fatigue ...