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AC servicing and Duct cleaning

You just had your AC serviced and after a couple of weeks your house is smelly again?

Beware of AC servicing companies that only clean your filters and the front view of the ducts with a brush as part of their “AC Servicing”! If your ducts are not properly cleaned then within a few weeks the filters will be full with dust again.

You cannot compare apples and pears: we will thoroughly clean your AC as part of our AC servicing, including the parts you do not see.!

Our AC Servicing – service includes:

  • Deep cleaning of the outdoor units,
  • Deep cleaning of the indoor units,
  • Cleaning of the filters,
  • Duct cleaning using a rotobrush machine; this is the only way you can thoroughly clean deep inside the AC ducts,
  • Cleaning of diffusers,
  • AC coil and motor cleaning,
  • Checking of drain trays, wire connection and thermostat,
  • And we finish with sanitation by disinfecting the ducts with a fogging machine.

We always take before and after pictures so you can verify the results yourself.

Duct before cleaning:

Duct after cleaning using our rotobrush machine:


Don’t compromise your health by saving on your AC servicing!

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